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Hey, glad you made it to my site!

I’m Marijan, currently a software developer and team lead at Avanade.
While I’ve got also roots in Croatia, I live in south-west Germany.

I started my journey through the wonderful world of Dynamics in late 2011. Starting with Dynamics AX 2009 and 2012, I’m now working with the D365 eco system.
Doing everything from implementing code, managing the Application Lifecycle Management or designing integrations.

Funny thing is, since beginning to work with AX, I never changed my employer. But thanks to acquisitions I managed to work for three (four to be exactly) companies.

This blog
Ever since I started working with AX I was amazed by how many blogs there were about AX. Over the years they were always a big source of information, inspiration and help . And to this day I love to discover and learn new things by reading them.
So I wanted to give something back and decided to publish some of my ideas / findings, instead of just saving them to my personal notebook.

I hope some of this stuff helps somebody and I’m always open for feedback.
You can contact me over:

You can also check out my GitHub.

When I’m not working / blogging, my two kids and my wife keep me busy.

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